Unique hanging structures

Long rustic table settings with a relaxed atmosphere and eclectic decor is very on trend right now, as people sway to a more intimate dining experience for their guests with the catering style often being family style banquet and sharing. The desire for people to feel comfortable and at home is currently a key trait in planning special events.

Because of this new trend, styling the table has become slightly more difficult as less can be added to to the tables so platters and boards filled with food can be placed down the middle instead. Flowers are being removed and replaced by carefully chosen platters and serving trays and so planners are left to add colour elsewhere in the room and that generally means looking up.

In planning my own wedding, which will be a sit down banquet, I realised that minimal decor on the tables would be key to not having an overly cluttered look and to not having the caterers and serving staff have a breakdown at me. What is happening overhead will be the statement I need to add something special to the room.

Floral structures are definitely on trend and Pinterest is filled with amazing structures that are big and bold. But these do come at a price.

Other options can include adding mainly greenery to your structure and filling it in with interesting globes or lanterns.

Hanging structure_Erin Jean Photography
Credits: Photography – Erin Jean Photography. Floral Design. Buds N Bloom

You could also choose to have no flowers or greenery and opt instead for lights hanging at different levels to create an impact. Whilst I’m not a massive fan of the generic glass chandelier, more bohemian ones made from shell, wood or beads would make a huge statement to a room.

Beaded chandelier_antique Farmhouse
Antique Farmhouse

Macrame is definitely back in demand and I love it! Using macrame plant hangers at different levels is a fantastic way of still featuring your flowers and your chosen colour palette without breaking the bank.

Macrame hanging feature
Credits: Photography – Jasmine Star Photography. Concept and Styling – Bow tie and Bustle. Floral Design – McKenzie Powell

The rigging of the actual structure is where a large portion of the cost is involved for ceiling structures. So talk to your florist or event stylist and find out what their prices and concerns (safety) are for rigging as there are ways around paying a lot for the rigging. If you are hiring a marquee, the marquee people may be able to rig a rustic ladder or pole to the marquee roof for you (for a smaller fee, if one at all) and then you can add your flowers to it yourself if you are confident with knots. Using macrame hangers, for example, would easily attach to the ladder and save you getting an entire floral structure rigged up to the ceiling.

There are lots of ways to get creative and diy it to suit any budget. Head to Pinterest for some creative inspiration but most of all think about what you types of lighting and wall art you like for your own home and go from there.


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