Boho rug styling

Worn, tattered, vintage Egyptian or Kilim rugs are making a huge impact at bohemian weddings not just for a casual sitting area for guests but also as a walk way for the ceremony and in some cases back drop where they are hung over a pole to be a ceremonial arch.

Boho rug styling_Photo credit Feather and Twine Photography
Photo credit Feather and Twine Photography



Boho_ceremony_Photo Credit - Ben Blood
Photo Credit – Ben Blood


Boho rug_ceremony_Photo Credit - blog
Photo Credit – blog

Mismatched, vibrant and well trodden, the older the better when it comes to getting the desired casual bohemian effect for your wedding.

Positioned on angles, strategically yet seemingly haphazardly placed, the rugs make a possibly plain area or back yard event come alive and create an area that takes your guests imagination to a far away destination.

Put them straight on the grass with a mix matched arrangement of pillows and throws plus lanterns or candles to create a casual relaxation space at your event or use with a variety of pallets or wooden furniture with soft furnishings to create casual mingling areas.

You can find plenty of places to hire them which is handy if you need a lot however, if you want one key piece which will be used at your alter then it would make a beautiful keepsake in your home for years to come and probably worth the investment.

Rug_ceremony_Photo Credit: Our love is loud
Photo Credit: Our love is loud
Boho rug setting_Photo credit: The Nichols
Photo credit: The Nichols



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