Candle styling

Flickering flames styled to make an big impact can not only create a stunning visual experience but save you lots of money on flowers or other decor items when styling your wedding or event.

Candles in unique holders or candles put simply on their own can define your style for your event making it whimsical and dreamy if you have enough and are laid out in a eye stopping way.

Candles can suit any budget with the types of vases and lanterns you decide on using being your main cost. DIY methods are also a fantastic way of making your styling more unique. From painted pots, to wooden logs, glitter dipped vases to ones wrapped in drift wood – whatever your style for your event, you can make it your own with some thrifty decorating ideas.

For wedding ceremonies, the aisle can be lit up with an path of enchanting candles or even used as a backdrop at the alter. Small lanterns or glass candle holders can be hung from nearby trees and the signing table can have an array of mismatched candle holders along the front to further develop on your candle theme creating a bewitching atmosphere.

Image via Pinterest. Photographed by Jenn Dave Stark
Image via Pinterest. Photographed by Jenn Dave Stark


Candle walk way_Image via Pinterest. Photograph by Christian Oth
Image via Pinterest. Photograph by Christian Oth

The entrance to any event is one of the most important key visual experiences of the night. Making that initial first impact can set the tone for the rest of the evening.

If outdoors, a pathway leading up to the entrance of the marquee or reception area guides the guests whilst creating exciting suspense to see what comes next.

candle walk way_ceremony
Image via Pinterest – Photo credit Gentle Hyers

If there are trees or a walkway with walls, hanging lanterns can be strung up at different heights so the guests are walking under candle lit light as they enter the main reception area.

Doorways can be styled with candles on either side of the entrance, using rustic ladders to showcase lanterns or candles at different levels or perhaps simply place many candles on the floor to create a fantastic visual impact.

Candle wooden stumps_ Photograph by Kristyn Hogan
Image via Pinterest. Photograph by Kristyn Hogan


Lanterns_wedding recpetion
Image via Pinterest. Source unknown.

Long trestle style table settings don’t necessarily need flowers – in their place can be an eclectic arrangement of candles or of course even both if you have the room.

Boho table setting_Photography by Studio EMP
Image via Pinterest. Found Rentals. Photography by Studio EMP


Candles_table setting.Photograph by Alixann Loosle
Image via Pinterest. Photograph by Alixann Loosle


Succulents and candles_Photograph by Lexia Frank Photography.
Image via Pinterest. Photograph by Lexia Frank Photography.

For buffet tables, dining tables or even the gift table, Moroccan style platters can hold a range of small candles of different shapes, sizes and colours to enhance your bohemian theme.

Image via Pinterest. Source unknown.
Image via Pinterest. Source unknown.

When styling your event make sure you test run the areas you will be placing the candles in advance. You may find that you need more or even less to make the desired impact. Half melted candles with wax falling down creates an impact in itself so you give yourself time to make the scene perfect.

Here are a few of our favourite candles, candle holders and lanterns

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