Caroline Campion Interview

Today I am absolutely thrilled to share with you an interview I had with wedding dress designer Caroline Campion. Caroline is a New Zealand (Christchurch) based wedding dress designer who in 2013, after gaining experience in London, decided to create her own designs and begin her very own collection.

Caroline Campion wedding dress 2015

Caroline Campion wedding dress campaign 2015

Caroline’s work is a combination of intricate lace and beaded elegance mixed with edgy rock chick and stunning bohemian laid back style. A believer in brides expressing their own individuality, her designs are truly divine and oozes a casual elegance that many brides are now looking for in a dress.

Caroline Campion wedding gowns 2015

Caroline Campion 2015 campaign

I absolutely fell in love with her 2015 range and am very stoked to be able to share some background and insights from this inspiring designer.

Caroline campion 2015_wedding dresses

Caroline Campion wedding dress_boho style

Where do you get your creative inspiration from to design wedding dresses?

My love for travel provides endless inspiration, and I adore the effortless style and sophistication of Parisian women.  The confident, individual attitudes that show through in the street style around us, and through timeless muses such as Bridget Bardot, Stevie Nicks and Bianca Jagger.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by creatives whose work I am constantly in awe of – photographers, florists, architects, stylists, DIY gurus, the list goes on!
Was it something you always wanted to do?

Yes.  I have also designed women’s apparel and men’s street wear, but always come back to bridal – there’s a lot more sentiment and care that goes into designing a dress of such value.  I enjoy the collaboration journey of working with brides from start to finish, I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing girls along the way 🙂
What do you think brides are looking for currently in a dress that is different to say a few years ago?

For more than a decade we have seen the same style worn over and over again.  Now brides are looking to express their individuality with fresh designs that reflect their own personalities and enhance their figures.  New laces and beading coupled with relaxed styles are bringing an effortless, classic vibe back into bridal fashion, and doing away with the over-the-top starchy look.

​No longer is a dress just for show, it’s about finding a style that looks good, and is functional.  Being able to cut shapes on the dance floor and get adventurous with photo shoots in the wilderness.  The comfort of being able to move around and know your dress will allow this is important.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

The very end!  It’s seeing the excited expression on someone’s face when she tries on her completed dress for the first time.   So much thought and care goes into creating each design, and at this point it is all completely worth it!

What tips can you give a bride when she is choosing a dress/style​?​

Pinterest is a godsend!  Use this for gathering your inspiration and honing in on the styles you love the most.  Be true to yourself, and factor in the styles you like to wear on a daily basis, finding a wedding dress that reflects this – whether it’s effortless and relaxed, or detailed and embellished – is a good way to start.

It’s best if you can decide on your own dress design 1 year to 9 months out from the wedding, deciding too early means you could have a change of heart.  Once you’ve made a decision on your dress, stop looking!  What they say is true in that your initial gut feeling is always the right one 🙂



You can find Caroline Campion on Social Media

Facebook – @carolinecampioncouture

Insta – @carolinecampion

Pinterest – @CampionCouture


Caroline Campion wedding dress_boho style_lace


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