Halcyon House


Halcyon House is a hotel like no other. Located in the laid back, surfing beach town of Cabarita Beach which is half way between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay it has been created to fit the very ethos of the laid back New South Wales beach side town.



The old hotel it replaced was completely gutted and transformed into a boutique hotel with exquisite detail that is rarely seen in Australia, let alone in a small surfing town. ‘Halcyon’ means calm, peaceful days and it is evident from the interior styling that there is no other way for the guests to feel with the luxurious comforts and trademark blue colour throughout the hotel all designed by Anna Spiro.

Halcyon-House-Rooms-and-suites-5 Halcyon-House-Rooms-and-suites-2


Halcyon-House-Master-Suite-2There are 19 rooms to choose from plus two luxury, two bedroom suites. The restaurant, Paper Daisy is run by Head Chef, Ben Delvin who just happened to be named Queensland’s Chef of the Year in 2014.

Halcyon House excites us as not only would it make a romantic honeymoon getaway it can also cater for weddings, events and corporate functions.

I asked Annissa from Halcyon House a few questions about the boutique hotel.

Where did the idea and the style for Halcyon House come from? 

From the owners travels and their love of interiors and travelling.

The interior design and decor items are obviously a very important feature of the hotel (as is the colour scheme), how long (and difficult) was the process of figuring out the style, sourcing the items and getting it exactly how you imagined it?

It was a long process – almost 3 years , much thought went into every detail and it shows in the finishes.

What is your favourite room, corner, element or area of the hotel?

The Restaurant or the top floor rooms. The views combined with the styling are to die for. 

What makes Halcyon House the perfect place for a wedding or event venue?

It is the perfect space for an exclusive use event as it is the perfect boutique size for a wedding of around 50-60 guests.

Halcyon-House-Master-Suite-1 Halcyon-House-Rooms-and-Suites-Bathroom-2

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