DIY Cushion covers


You do not have to be a brilliant sewer to make these easy DIY cushion covers. They are relatively quick to make once you get the hang of it and so you can make quite a few if you have something unique planned for your event.

I find that I am quite particular about my fabric – whilst the market is still saturated with chevron and other popular geometric patterns I want to find something unique and a little different. I have found lots of great vintage fabric on Etsy and today I am going to show you how to make simple cushion covers from this very retro 70’s print fabric.

This method can be used for flat seat style cushions or regular cushions – today I am doing flat seat style as I wanted to cover some old plain red cushions I have for my dining table stools.

Excuse the method if you are a seasoned sewer – this is my quick and simple method and if you have a lot to do for say a wedding then you might find it works for you!

You will need


Sewing machine


Tape Measure




First of all you need to know what size cushion you will be placing the cover over. In my case I literally got the cushion I wanted to cover, measured it and allowed space (about 2 to 3 inches) the whole way around to ensure it would still fit after the hemming had occurred. I will give you my measurements but it really depends on what size your cushion will be.

You will see below that I measure a really long piece (105.5cm) that is because this style requires not buttons or zips – it is a simple fold over slit, so you basically need to double the material length ways and ensure it folds over and covers the entire pillow.

My actual old cushion measured –  38cm (Height) by 42cm (width) – for some reason my square pillow was not even?!

Full piece of material I cut – 105.5 cm (height) by 46.5cm (width)

The folded end piece  – 42cm (height) by 46.5cm (width)

  1. Check that the pillow will fit in the material leaving a gap either side and ensure length will cover over the top.



2. Remove pillow and lay material flat with right side (pattern) facing up and wrong side facing down. Fold both ends of the material in so one overlaps the other (it should be a large overlap) so now the wrong sides are facing up. Then place pillow back on top (or measure) to ensure that your square is big enough to fit the cushion (see next image).



Image below shows the overlapped slit. This is my measurement of 42cm by 46.5cm. Note you can see down in bottom right corner my second slit (how far the overlap goes)



3. Turn the iron on and fold the slit hemline over 1/4 of an inch and press with iron.  Fold over again at 1/2 inch. Press then pin. Do the same with the second slit hemline.


image1 (1)

Image above shows the 1/4 inch press. The fold again at 1/2 inch to get the below (see image) and pin.



4. Get out the sewing machine all you need to do is stitch a straight line down the hem –  taking out the pins as you go – about 1/4 inch from the edge of the hem fold. Do the same with the second hem. For both – Secure the stitch by pressing the back button on the machine or tugging on the last thread with your hand and once pulled out slightly tying a knot.

image1 (2)


5. At this stage your folded cushion measurement is probably gone so fold it back to your measurement of 42cm by 46.5cm (wrong side facing out still) and pin along both sides of the soon to be pillow case – about 1 inch in.

image2 (2)

6. Sew straight along both sides until the end. Secure the stitch by pressing the back button on the machine or tugging on the last thread with your hand and once pulled out slightly tying a knot.

7. Turn the cushion back to the right way and you have finished! All there is left to do is insert the cushion.

image1 (3)

DIY cushion cover

diy cushion covers

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