Emma and Grant // Real Wedding

– Succulents, bamboo and wood themed wedding

Emma and Grant are a creative green thumbed couple whose wedding was inspired by their life together on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. They share a passion for the environment with both spending most of their spare time at the beach, bush walking and camping whilst being avid gardeners at their home as well. They are also both very crafty and that is why they chose to style their wedding day around their passions and what inspires them on a daily basis. Succulents, bamboo and wood all were a heavy emphasis on their wedding day.

Their story is an inspiration to couples who want to have a go at the styling themselves. Going it alone is a way of keeping your day uniquely you and you can keep elements in your home as mementos of your day. A ‘theme’ for your wedding should be relevant to you both and nothing could be more true for this gorgeous couple.

Hear all about their wedding day below.

Emma & Grant_Noosa Real wedding_beach

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_Noosa

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_bride

Photography by Barefoot Pictures



Noosa Woods Bay, Noosa Heads.  Noosa Woods Bay is a place that we visit nearly every weekend. It is a sheltered Bay that has views of the Noosa River, Noosa North Shore (where Grant proposed) and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. All of these views  are framed by large Pandanus and Casuarina Trees that line the Noosa river bank…perfection! We are both outdoors people who spend most of our time at the beach or in the bush and we are lucky enough to call Noosa National Park our second home, so this was a no brainer! Sadly due to a 1 in 100 year storm event we had to change locations. We were still adamant on an outdoors ceremony so we braved the storm under a stage structure located on Noosa River, Noosaville.

Emma and Grant_real wedding_ceremony

Photography by Barefoot Pictures


Embassy XO , Sunshine Beach.  Embassy XO is definitely not your standard wedding reception venue, but we are both massive foodies so we had to have something different and delicious. This local yum cha Mecca serves up the best pork belly slider and no other restaurant was up to the challenge of making us a chocolate steamed bun wedding cake with chilli raspberry sauce! Amazing food was a must for us and we placed food as the most important part of our big day!

The Details

Dress – Erin Clare Couture – Ivy Dress

Emma and Grant_real wedding_dress

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Bridesmaid dresses – Two Birds

Invites – Cards of Wood

Florist – Blooms of Noosa

Emma and Grant_realwedding_bouquets

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Photographer – Barefoot Pictures

Make up – My amazingly talented sister Teneille Newton

Hair – The Jaye – Styling by Carrie Twidale

Transport – Deluxe Kombi Service

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_kombi

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Emma and Grant_real wedding_bridal bouquet

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Tell us what your theme was and why you chose it?

I still struggle with ‘theming’ our big day! When asked the question I used to answer with a big smile ‘Asian Wood’, I still don’t really know what this means! I think the most important thing is that your magical day is about what you like and not necessarily about matching one thing to another.

If I had to describe our wedding it was Asian inspired with an emphasis on natural woods, in particular bamboo.

How did your theme get used throughout the day?

The ‘Asian Wood’ theme was used in many ways for our big day –

Wooden invites with bamboo design

Emma and Grant_real wedding_invites

Bamboo signing book with the bamboo design

Emma and Grant_real wedding_signing book

Bamboo pots used for succulents

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_diy_succulents

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_diy_succulents_bamboo

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_succulents_bamboo_tables

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_diy_succulents_tablescape

Bamboo ‘bounty box’ – instead of a ‘wishing well’

Chopsticks were given as a bonbonniere

Emma and Grant_real wedding_wedding favour

Embassy XO (reception venue) is a modern yum cha restaurant with an Asian theme

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_reception food

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Flower Tripod for ceremony made out of bamboo

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_ceremony flowers

Photography by Barefoot Pictures

Blackboards bordered with bamboo

Bamboo vases for orchids at the ceremony

How long did you have to plan your wedding?

Not long…..7 very short months! This was my own fault as when I saw the date 1.5.15 I knew that was our day.

What made you want to do the styling (apart from bouquet and tripod arrangements) yourself?

We are both handy people and one of our biggest joys is working/styling our house & garden so we wanted to do as much as possible. I think it’s special when you look around on your wedding day and you see things that you (and also your family members) have made. The best thing about styling yourself is that after the wedding you can use these items around your home and you are regularly reminded of your special day.

Emma and Grant_real wedding_succulents_diy_stone

The succulents from Emma’s bouquet are now on display in her garden

Emma and Grant_Real wedding_succulents


Can you tell us about all the elements you created yourself/why you chose them/work involved/stages involved/final outcome/where you got your inspiration from. 

There were many elements that we created ourselves and I am lucky enough to have married a very handy man who is a whizz on the tools.

Being a very sentimental person I decided early on that my wedding flowers/plants would be succulents. I wanted to keep my bouquet after the day and succulents allowed me to do this. I have always loved the different varieties of succulents, each with their own unique flower and leaf structure. My mum and I grew all the succulents for the reception arrangements and I loved that each type had a different story (for example,  the one we found at the market together or the one from a friends garden etc.). To add the Asian flavour to our decorations my talented husband cut and stained bamboo as pots. Together my family planted them up and to this day we all have several of these arrangements around our homes.

Our home grown succulents also featured on both our chocolate steamed bun tower and ‘real cheese cake’ tower. We also cut and stained several long lengths of bamboo that were used to hold the bonbonniere chopsticks and tripod flower arrangements.

Emma and Grant_real wedding_cheese cake

Another personal touch was our wedding stationary design that we put together and sent to the supplier. This design was used on our invites, envelope stickers, bonbonniere tags and signing book.

What was your favourite part of the organisation stage?

I loved the ‘inspiration’ stage. It was great fun looking at what we could pull together to make our day reflective of our tastes. I visited many nurseries and gardens looking for inspiration.

Oh and of course the wine and food tasting!

What was your least favourite part?

The guest list……….I’m sure most brides would agree with this.

Would you do anything differently?

Pray to the weather gods more frequently!

What is the best planning tip you could give to a couple?

Prepare yourself for things not going to plan!

Our wedding ended up being at a different location in cyclonic winds and our photos were taken in torrential rain. One of our tripod flower arrangements crashed to the floor during the ceremony and my veil almost got washed down a stormwater drain. Things did not go to plan! But all of these mishaps are what made the day. You will never be able to plan Mother Nature and my advice is to take it in your stride and laugh.

When choosing a theme what do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind?

As I said before the most important thing is that your magical day is about what you like and not necessarily about matching one thing to another.


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