Natural food dyed name tags

These aren’t great. I will put it out there early. There needs to be a bit more of finesse involved, better material and some more colours but I gave it a go and I can see the potential with some more practice.

If you are planning on doing a bit of DIY at your event you may want to make name tags for table places and even match them with the menus to complete the look.

I used what was in my fridge and experimented. The darkest colour was just a handful of blueberries and strawberries simmered in water for about an hour. The second darkest involved the berry mix mixed in with beetroot mix (3 to 4 beetroots simmered in water for one hour) and the lightest was just the beetroot mix on its own.

Simply dip your card into the mixtures and wait until they dry. I did about 3 layers and also experimented roughly using a paint brush to fill in the card. I also tore at the bottom to give it some texture however, if  you used a more textured card it would make it look far better . Menus could be done this way also and then all you need is some lovely calligraphy and you have yourself some DIY – rough but potentially pretty food coloured stationary for your event!

Natural food dye name tags_DIY

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