The initial idea – planning your event

So you are planning an event. It can be a bit overwhelming to begin with especially if it is something as large scale as a wedding and sometimes it can get a bit much for the head so today I thought I would write a little starting point guide to clear the mind and get you going in the right direction.

Venue – Are you having it on private property or at a venue? At a venue all the basics will already be there for you, for example, chairs, tables, lighting etc… however maybe you have in your mind something a little different? If that is the case then maybe a private property or gardens is for you as you can start with a blank canvas and really do what you want to do with the only compromises being due to budget and space.

Guest list – It’s probably too early to know exactly who is coming however you will have a vague ball park figure and this is important to have a handle on early on so you can decide if your chosen venue works for you. Consider not only space but logistical matters like bathrooms, seating and room for dessert tables / gift tables etc.. You do not want to be cramped in a small space.

From here you can now nut out the food, styling concept and other elements such as lighting and entertainment in more detail. But first lets talking about your styling concept or theme.


  1. Sourcing imagery you love

When it comes to sourcing style/theme inspiration the most fun part (I think) can actually become a little overwhelming. Pinterest is fantastic  for pinning ideas into albums and mapping out intricate details of your event. It can get super addictive though and sometimes you can lose track of reality and what is possible! Meanwhile you can check out my Pinterest page here!

Blogs contain an abundance of unique ideas especially when they feature real weddings and not just styled shoots so you can get achievable ideas for larger scale events. I follow so many blogs that it is completely overwhelming until recently when I discovered (extremely late in the game) Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is a website and app that allows you to keep track of all your favourite blogs by filtering the ones you choose to follow in a news feed. Such a brilliant concept and saves a lot of time and searching the web.

2. What to do with all these images
So you have collected images from all over – you have iPhone folders carefully labelled, Pinterest albums and a massive Bloglovin’ news feed of your favourite blogs. Its time to collect them all up and start forming your vision.  Before I go ahead and tell you my next step just a side note – If you are organising a wedding and not sure about a theme – keep it real. Make your day reflect you and your partner. If you are eclectic and love all kinds of styles then fine – let that shine through – don’t be someone your not. If however you are planning a themed birthday or event then yes stick to the chosen theme so the message is clear and the guests are impressed with your concept.
So back to your images. It’s time to create some inspiration boards. An inspiration board is a collage of your vision so you can see if colours and ideas etc match well and helps you build on your idea.  An inspiration board can have between 8 to 12 images – just don’t double up like add two pairs of shoes to your board. You need to cover a few areas to see if it works. I.e. attire, décor, food, fabric, lighting and so on. There are loads of different apps and sites you can use to create your inspiration board – I am currently enjoying Fotor.
Assignment 2 board 1
My inspiration board with a purple theme running through. All images sourced via Pinterest.
Now you should have an idea on what your event is going to look like you can look into what you need to buy, borrow, hire or make and get started on shaping your ideas. A good idea early on in the planning is to break down key areas and think about what they will look like and what items they need to bring it to life.
Examples of key areas are –
The entrance – it is the first area guests see and also the last so make it memorable.
Dance floor – lighting/ flooring/stage area
Table Décor –  colours, linen, cutlery, crockery, candles, flowers etc
Roofing –  flowers/greenery/lighting
Bar area – bar/flowers/signage/storage
Dessert Bar – stands/flowers/signage
I hope this helps you in your initial plan of attack. Coming up soon is some inspiration posts on some of the key areas I mentioned above.

x x x

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