DIY Quartz Crystal napkin rings

I am currently loving all the different ideas for using quartz crystal in event styling. Shards are being used as weights for name tags at wedding receptions, as well as in clusters for table runner décor. The milky white shards offer a romantic edginess to event décor whilst adding some three dimensional texture to a table. Their imperfection and rawness are spectacular and offer beauty to an table setting and a talking point amongst guests.

I decided I would try making my own quartz crystal napkin rings and it is incredibly easy. All you need is some craft glue, cardboard cylinders, paint and quartz crystals (Ebay).

I went to an art store and bought a pack of card board cylinders which I cut to size with a Stanley knife. I then painted the inside and out of the cylinder with some silver acrylic paint as I thought that may be the least noticeable but white would also work well too.

quartz crystal


Then all you need to do is add your crystal pieces to the cylinder using your craft glue.  Mix up the lengths so it is a bit mismatched..too perfect will have less of a effect. There you have it – your very own DIY napkin rings!

quartz crystal napkin ring




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