My Wedding Brief – the free eBook wedding style guide for subscribers

I am in the process of planning my own wedding and although I understand the principles of organisation and what I think works well together style wise etc..when it comes to dealing with my own shit – my head can’t quite get it together.

I have way too many different ideas popping around that probably won’t go together….maybe that’s OK – I do like a mix of things and the style of a wedding should represent us as a couple so an eclectic mess is totally fine if it means it is an extension of us, however…. I don’t want it to be an outright disaster so I thought it would be a good idea to create my own style guide and I thought my fellow planners may need some help organising their thoughts as well if anyone out there is as messed up as me.

At the moment you can download and print ‘My Wedding Brief’ for free when you become an email subscriber to this blog. I thinks that’s a pretty good deal would you agree?  The eBook contains areas for you to add colour swatches, add images to your own inspiration board, brainstorm words that are relevant to you therefore your ‘theme’, key focus areas that you can consider in finer detail plus extra pages for you to add on to yourself. There is room for notes, a supplier list page and also a sources of inspiration page- a place for you to write down all the blogs, Instagram pages etc that you are finding some beautiful stuff that you will totally copy (I mean recreate and make your own)!

Eve To Dawn My Wedding Brief Style Guide

If you become a subscriber don’t worry – you will not be saturated with a crazy amount of emails – just the odd one telling you what is happening and with the occasional subscriber bonus for being so lovely and signing up.

*If pop up does not appear email me at to request to be subscribed x

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3 thoughts on “My Wedding Brief – the free eBook wedding style guide for subscribers

  1. This is such a great tool to use for weddings! Thanks so much Eve to Dawn for sharing.
    I love the layout and inspiration boards. Brilliant!

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