eve-to-dawn watercolour

DIY black water colour invitations

The level of creativity when it comes to creating stunning invitations and event stationary right now is at epic crazy point. I could spend a lot of my days looking at nothing else but stationary completely taken by some of the designs.

However – when it comes to budget we don’t all have the money to really go to town and do what we want. Even some ‘build your own template’ sites, whilst beautiful and great to help save a bit of money still come in over $300 anyway ..so what can you do with a piece of card and a free afternoon?

Water colour is definitely a popular choice right now and you can see my post next week on my favourite water colour bits and bobs but for now I thought I would try my hand at liquid water colour paint and bubble mixture. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it – next time I would use a thicker paint so it had a more textured effect but you get the drift.

I simply cut out a heart template, mixed my paint and bubble mixture and then started blowing bubbles.

Eve To Dawn watercolour invites

Next after it had all dried I took a photo and uploaded it to Photoshop (you could use a free online photo editor), and then added text. It’s that easy. As well as bubbles you could try using a sponge, water splotches, cling film..anything you want to create a unique invite made completely by you.

eve-to-dawn watercolour

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One thought on “DIY black water colour invitations

  1. […] Search water colour on Pinterest and you will be overwhelmed with so many different ideas so I have decided to feature a few of my favourite designs I have seen on the web. Also – if you are interested in trying some water colour stationary yourself check out my previous blog post on how to do it here. […]


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