Design House of Moira photography by V.A Photography

Winter water colour favourites

Water colour is a massive wedding and event stationary trend right now and I am far from over it. Obviously the romantic pastels are in full force but I tend to be drawn to the darker colour palette and love the charcoals, navy and deep purples that create a real moody, winter vibe.

Search water colour on Pinterest and you will be overwhelmed with so many different ideas so I have decided to feature a few of my favourite designs I have seen on the web. Also – if you are interested in trying some water colour stationary yourself check out my previous blog post on how to do it here.


A Fabulous Fete Save the Date
A Fabulous Fete Save the Date. Simple yet very incredibly effective – love the minimalist look.


A Fabulous Fete
A Fabulous Fete Wedding stationary. By the same designer as the above Save the Date, A Fabulous Fete nails it again with the black minimalist water colour style.


st Makes Perfect Gift Wrap
Almost Makes Perfect Gift Wrap. Molly from Almost Makes Perfect shares with her readers printable items and lots of cool DIY ideas.


Design House of Moira photography by V.A Photography
Via Pinterest –  Burnetts Boards. Design House of Moira. Photography by V.A Photography. Check out the rest of this beautifully style shoot at Burnetts Boards.
Eleven West Studio
Love the use of water color on the envelope to keep the water color usage minimal yet create a real visual impact. Via Pinterest. Eleven and West Studio.


Julie Song Ink photo by Elisa Bricker
Julie Song Ink. Photography by Elisa Bricker. Loving the different tones of blue to create a whimsical yet moody design palette.


an glam cake Olofson Design
This cake is so epic – simply stunning! Urban Glam cake by Olofson Design






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