Spring time long lunches

Long lunches with family or friends is one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. Sitting outside in the warm sun enjoying food and wine – there is nothing better – especially after a long winter indoors.

I’ve hosted many a dinner party over the years and its taken me a while but finally I have realised that less is more – not just with styling but with food selection. Keep it simple and you can enjoy time with your guests more and less time stressed out in the kitchen. Just because the food is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. Be present.

My last long lunch was for my mothers birthday and we kept it simple with a mezze platter to start, smoked chicken skewers with oregano, lemon and garlic and a whole salmon smoked. It all ended with a layer cake which yes took a bit longer but insider tip – make your cake layers the week before and freeze. Then all you have to do on the day is make the buttercream and assemble. Mine was vegan with a gluten free top layer and it actually turned out pretty nice – and it actually rose which was a miracle!

Eve to Dawn



Cheers to Spring and many more long lunches to come x x


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