Hello 2017. I am here.

2017 is here and I am doing my typical thing – planning all kinds of things for me to accomplish this year – thinking I will get it all done in the first two months like a gun and then in March I will get down on myself when I realise I have been too worried about what is new on Netflix (nothing – they are shit at giving us new stuff to watch) to really achieve anything.

I have started out strong though. I have my new 2017 Planner from The Collective Hub. It’s got quotes and places for me to put my goals. Boom. Organisation sorted.

I got a new book for Christmas – Like A Queen by Constance Hall. Another Boom. I generally have no time to read books now, but I knew I had to make time to read this book and so far there have been so many gem things in there that my confidence is riding high and I feel so friken determined to conquer something (not sure what) this year.

It’s two days in and I have looked at courses. Lots of courses. I’ve looked at so many and in so many varying fields I have gotten myself confused and don’t know who I am or what I want anymore. I am the ultimate Aquarian – although I know I shouldn’t blame it on the star sign. I am forever changing my mind on what I want to do – what career should I follow, what should I study etc etc. But I just read in my Like a Queen book that Queens can change their mind so another Boom. I’m on the right track.

Eve To Dawn 2017 goal setting

I love lists. Already there is a today list, a this month list and a by mid year list. I got married in December so I am pretty sure that whilst my list game has always been strong I am in a bit of post wedding denial and just need excuses for a list.

One thing that you may have noticed if you are actually reading this (is there anyone out there??), is that I have got my prop hire business up and running. For our wedding we got very DIY and made the tables and chairs plus collected a lot of bohemian decor items and so we decided to hire it out and later this year offer a planning service as well (planning to be ticked off the list by Feb). If you are interested in hiring then you need to live in Adelaide and/or surrounds but please take a look as our tables are pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

The whole new year new you stuff can be bullshit lets be honest. But when there is a fire in your belly telling you to give it a go then no matter what else you have going on try and go for it. Fit it in between everything else and keep trying. One day you will get there and no longer will it have to fit in around the normal – it will be your normal. There’s a quote in my fabulous black new diary that says it well, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi.

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2 thoughts on “Hello 2017. I am here.

  1. Love this! Start 2017 with a BOOM!!
    Eve to Dawn the new prop hire business is amazing, I will be enquiring. Gorgeous & unique pieces! Xx


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