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A bit about what we do….

Eve to Dawn came about after a lifetime of wanting to plan and prepare events. My career path went extremely close, working mostly as an Assistant Brand Manager, coordinating lots of things from promotions, people and events like conferences however I wanted to style settings and plan larger scale events such as weddings.

Fast forward several years and after some time off full time work due to family commitments, a husband who turned out to be able to make furniture in his spare time and a burning ambition that wouldn’t blow out…suddenly all the stars aligned and Eve to Dawn was born.

When I set up Eve to Dawn I wanted to be able to offer a range of items that aren’t readily available on the hire scene… at least in Adelaide where things tend to be a bit more traditional. Eve to Dawn has a bit of a bohemian theme to it, that is a reflection of the style I like and how I live – but I also love wearing all black and listening to hard rock, I like jewellery and clothing with an edge and like things to look romantic but a bit rough and edgy. If that is you with all the contradictions then you have come to right place.

Photography by Elle DS Photography

I am against doing something due to it being ‘tradition’. I’m not the wedding planner who is going to suggest you do crap you don’t want to do. If you have people in your ear telling you what protocols you HAVE to do on your wedding day – let me tell you – if you don’t want to walk up the aisle in white – then don’t. If you don’t want to an introduction post ceremony – then don’t have one. The best weddings are the natural ones. The ones where your light shines through and who you are is laid out before everyone.

Photography by Eve to Dawn

When you book Eve to Dawn to either style or coordinate/plan your event – we will ensure that the day is a reflection of you. Not a reflection of us, not your best friend or what everyone is doing in a bridal magazine. People will remember your wedding because it had your obvious touch on it and that is what we want to help you achieve.

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There are different services we provide and I thought I would outline them a bit so you get an idea on what we do.

Styling services. This is where you let us help you create your design style for your special day. We will go through colour boards, talk about what inspires and motivates you and what key items in your home represent you and how you would like to see a version of that in your wedding or event.

We will fully style your wedding to whatever level you want us to and you have full access to all our rental items.

Styling and Planning. This service is all of the above with our expert planning advice thrown in. I love timelines and managing them is what I thrive on. We can help with budget templates, dealing with other stakeholders such a florists, large hire items and the venue etc plus coordinating everything in the lead up and on the day.

On the day coordination. Although this says on the day – we don’t just rock up on the day and think we know how shit is going to roll. We meet with you about three months in advance and you give us the low down. We will then start liaising with vendors on your behalf – a month (if you want), two weeks, a week before and on the day. We will be there making sure the day runs smoothly, your props are where you want them and your day goes exactly how you planned.

Obviously doing it yourself can be fun albeit a lot of hard work so we do offer hire only options and you can style your day as you please. Contact us so we can get an idea on how we can help. We love creating exciting proposals and can’t wait to work on yours with you.


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